Woodstock Airport

The Lee County Mosquito Control District (LCMCD) is exploring the expansion of the Woodstock Airport on Pine Island. It is currently owned by a private citizen and the District was seeking a re-zoning to expand the airport located east of Stringfellow Road, at the end of Woodstock Road, which consists of 33 acres that include an airstrip known as Woodstock Airport, a house and several outbuildings. The property has been zoned Agricultural since the 1970s. The County determined that a rezoning was not necessary for the District to expand flights to and from this airport. According to those following this issue, the District plans a quasi-government airport and will house multiple 4,000-gallon fuel and chemical storage tanks to service their entire fleet of choppers, including Jet Rangers, Hueys and other aircraft. They also plan to have an aircraft maintenance shop on the property and drone headquarters.

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