Meeting Agenda Nov. 5, 2019

The next meeting of the GPICA membership will take place at 6:30 p.m. at the Greater Pine Island Elks Lodge, 5630 Pine Island Road, Bokeelia, FL 33922. (Just west of the four-way stop sign.) Members and non-members are welcome.

  • The evening’s guest speaker will be Don Eslick, one of the founders of Lee Future.
  • The Board will also provide an update on Incorporation.

About Don Eslick & Lee Future

Don Eslick, a Lee County community leader for more than 20 years, will introduce Lee Future and its mission to fight for all Lee County residents to have a bright and sustainable future.

Eslick, one of the founders of the organization, was founder and long-time Chairman of the Estero Council of Community Leaders (ECCL) and has served Lee County as Chairman of its Charter Review Committee, as a member of its Smart Growth and Density Reduction/Groundwater Resource Advisory committees. In 2006 he was voted by the Commission as the Lee County Citizen of the Year.

He will discuss how Lee County’s policies over the last six years have put our future quality of life in jeopardy and explain the work being done by Lee Future to help the citizens of Lee County challenge these policies and achieve the future most residents want for Lee County.

Lee Future is an organization of advocates dedicated to fighting for a high quality of life and an attainable, sustainable future for all Lee County residents.  This is done through solution-based research and messages, community activism and by supporting dedicated/reliable candidates for office. Lee Future has developed a network of local experts to educate and inform the public about issues that directly affect them, like environmental impacts, education, overdevelopment and more.

Lee Future believes that maintaining and improving our quality of life can only be achieved if our governing bodies adopt public policies that:

  • Guarantee clean, healthy water along our shores, rivers, and neighborhoods.
  • Prevent overbuilding and the sprawl that comes with it.
  • Encourage public input in the decision-making process.
  • Provide the funding necessary to prevent traffic congestion and overcrowded schools.
  • Support and respect local community planning and plans.
  • Protect the county’s environmentally sensitive lands from development and mining.
  • Preserve our limited supply of vital natural resources and water.

Lee Future envisions a Lee County where local representatives represent its citizens. Its members believe in providing residents with full access to critical issues and related information and the ability to hold our public servants accountable. The group promises to advocate for the best interests of all residents, hold politicians accountable and fight for a better future for Lee County.



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