Arsenic Levels on Pine Island

A Dec. 4, 2017, story from WGCU Public Media (90.1 FM) provided an update on groundwater tests showing elevated arsenic levels on a Lee County Conservation 2020 property. The levels were 30 times higher than the federal government allows for drinking water.

According to the story by Jessica Meszaros, “documents WGCU obtained during an investigation show those levels got as high as 14,000 times more than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency allows for drinking water in 2013.  Documents also show the state allowed arsenic testing to cease there sometime in 2015. Since then, the county and state said those numbers were submitted incorrectly. But the Conservation 20/20 Committee installed new groundwater wells in February and reinitiated arsenic testing of the site, which is to be tested quarterly for two years.”

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