WINK Doppler Radar Tower Issue

Bokeelia resident Jeffrey Waller has been closely following WINK News’ proposal to build a 110-foot Doppler Radar Tower in St. James City (near the center). Many Pine Island residents are opposed to the tower, including Waller who is spearheading community opposition. GPICA members voted to join in his opposition.

Joining in the opposition are Mike and Cindy Rapsik. Mike retired from the National Weather Service following a 40-year career in meteorology and electrical engineering and is willing to share his expertise that the tower is not needed and that the arguments laid out by WINK News are disingenuous.

Jeff is also:

  • Reaching out to Island businesses, especially Realtors, to rally support;
  • Seeking to make presentations before other Pine Island community groups;
  • Seeking help to set up a website and help disseminating information through social media;
  • Planning to run an ad in the Pine Island Eagle to alert more residents to the issue.

Do you want to join in and help with the opposition? Would you like Jeff to make a presentation to your group? Can you help with website creation? Please email

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • WINK has until Jan. 15 to resubmit their proposal to answer County staffers’ questions
  • The County has until Jan. 30 to determine whether the application meets sufficiency requirements
  • A public hearing before the Hearing Examiner should be scheduled before March 30. Please consider attending and voicing your opposition.

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