April 2021 Meeting Recording

Our featured speaker during the April 6 meeting of the Greater Pine Island Civic Association was Josh Malo, Coordinator of the Lee County Municipal Service Taxing/Benefit Unit (MSTBU) program. He explained MSTU/MSBU and the process that neighborhoods can use to create these limited taxing units.

About MSTBUs

When special services or projects benefitting a limited and specifically defined area of Lee County are desired by the property owners, they may petition the Board of County Commissioners to create a dependent unit of government to carry out the services or projects desired and annually impose ad valorem taxes, assessments or charges on the properties which are benefited by the service or project.

To create at MSTBU, property owners are required to secure signatures of 50% + 1 of the affected property owners to show support for proceeding with the formal petition, identifying costs and terms of the proposal. For services or projects that require engineering estimates, a fee as identified in the External Fee manual, is also required.

Additional items on the agenda included:

  • Approval of the minutes of March meeting
  • Discussion of the Matlacha D&D site owned by Cape Coral, which is currently considering development of the property — including a potential restaurant and bait shop
  • Update on Tropical Point beach
  • Update on Bocilla Island Marina
  • Info about a Meeting with Lee County Commissioner Kevin Ruane on our Community Priorities

Watch a Recording of the Meeting


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