June 2022 Meeting Minutes

Greater Pine Island Civic Association Meeting Minutes — June 7, 2022, Greater Pine Island Elks Club

Board Members present: President Helen Fox, Vice President Nadine Slimak, Treasurer Mike Sweeney, Members Cindy Bear, Connie D’Alessio, Deborah Swisher-Hicks. Board member Shari Perkins viewed the meeting via Facebook livestream.

50 members and nonmembers signed in at the meeting.

President Helen Fox opened the meeting at 6:35 p.m.

She first reviewed the membership report submitted by Nadine Slimak:

26 Memberships

  • 18 New Members
  • 8 Renewing Members
  • Including 1 Lifetime Member

June 2022

25 Memberships

  • 21 New Members
  • 4 Renewing Members
  • Including 2 Lifetime Members

Helen also thanked Connie D’Alessio for her efforts to send welcome letters to new homeowners to the Island and invite them to join the GPICA, which has resulted in 8 new members.

Helen then reviewed the minutes of the April and May meetings.

Mike Sweeney made a motion to approve and Cindy Bear seconded. The members approved via voice vote.

Mike gave the Treasurer’s Report:

  • Money Market: $16,762.13
  • Business Checking: $3705.74
  • Cd Investment**: $76,366.65

(**Cd to rollover in mid-October again)

  • Income: $674.45 (May membership dues — $444.45 memberships purchased online and $230 in cash/check).
  • Expenditures: $568.50 (print cost and postage for Welcome letters, a new projector and cable for use during in-person meetings)

Nadine made a motion to approve. A member seconded. The report was approved.

The evening’s main focus was on Cape Coral’s “voluntary annexation” of eight parcels on the east and west sides of Veterans Parkway near the Pine Island Road intersection. The owners of some of the parcels on the west side of Veterans are planning a massive development at the entrance to Pine Island that would include a hotel, homes, and businesses valued at over $200 million.

Helen provided an overview of the issue via powerpoint presentation.

At one point, a member of the audience (Jason Hawes) asked “How many of you would vote for incorporation?” More than 50 people raised their hands.

Mikes Maillakakis, the General Manager of the Greater Pine Island Water Association provided a powerpoint presentation about the threats to GPIWA that this and other proposed annexations pose.

He outlined the capital outlay that GPIWA has made to service properties on the east side of Veteran’s Parkway and outlined Cape Coral’s plans to seek “annexation by special act” of the state legislature for more properties that are within the GPIWA service area (which also overlaps somewhat with the fire district service areas).

He urged residents to contact their state representatives to oppose annexation by special act. Full details and support materials are available at https://pineislandwater.com/annexation-defense

Tanya Player, Chair of the Matlacha-Pine Island Fire Control District, provided an overview of how the fire district is responding to the annexations. Player said that the district had requested a mediation (as per state law) with the City about the annexations. She also stated that the Board had moved $100,000 to their legal fund to deal with the issue.

The district’s lawyer, Sarah Specter, also answered questions from the audience.

Following these presentations, GPICA members had the opportunities to ask questions. Several members of the audience (members and non-members) also suggested that Island residents should reconsider opposition to incorporating the community to protect it from further encroachment by the City of Cape Coral and to ensure that Islanders control their destiny.

The meeting was adjourned at about 8:30 p.m.

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