A Lee County Resolution for GPICA Day

The Greater Pine Island Civic Association was created in 1957 — more 65 years ago! On April 5, 2022, the Lee County Commission passed a resolution proclaiming “Greater Pine Island Civic Association Day” in recognition of the organization’s 65th anniversary. 

The Resolution States:

Whereas, Greater Pine Island includes Pine Island — the largest island on Florida’s west coast – and the islands of Little Pine Island and Matlacha, in Lee County. Pine Island has been settled continuously dating back to the Calusa Indians who created one of their most important settlements here, and;

Whereas, today, Greater Pine Island includes Bokeelia, Pineland, Pine Island Center, St. James City, Matlacha and Matlacha Isles, and a diverse population of commercial fishing families that have been in the area for generations, new resident retirees, working families with children, anglers, artists and artisans. Numerous protected areas provide a haven for important flora and fauna, including endangered and protected species like manatees and dolphins, gopher tortoises and bald eagles, pelicans and eastern indigo snakes, ospreys and tarpon, and;

Whereas, the commonality and legacy of Greater Pine Island’s residents is their independent-minded nature and desire to live in a peaceful and tranquil setting among slash pines, mangrove forest shorelines and healthy aquatic preserves, and;

Whereas, the Greater Pine Island Civic Association was incorporated in 1957, borne from the desire of Greater Pine Island residents and business owners to be advocates for the health, safety and quality of life in the Greater Pine Island area, and; since the Association’s creation, its members and leaders – including Anna Stober, Barbara Dubin, Drs. Gene and Ellie Boyd, Phil Buchanan, Noel Andress, Bill Spikowski, Cathy Hendrickson, Roger Wood, Kathy Malone, and many, many others too numerous to name -have been advocates for the protection of the unique coastal-rural character of Pine Island and its enclaves, and;

Whereas, through the Greater Pine Island Civic Association, community leaders worked with Lee County to develop the Greater Pine Island Community Plan, as a growth management guide to maintain the island’s unique natural resources and character, and to ensure that island residents and visitors have a reasonable opportunity to evacuate when a hurricane strike is imminent, and;

Whereas, the Greater Pine Island Civic Association has performed significant community service for the citizens of Greater Pine Island by advocating for improvements to water quality, traffic congestion, roadway safety and overdevelopment that help to maintain a desirable, livable community that promotes smart growth and preserves sensitive natural areas, and;

Whereas, 2022 marks the 65th anniversary of the Greater Pine Island Civic Association,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida wishes to recognize and applaud the Greater Pine Island Civic Association and its members on the occasion of the Association’s 65th Anniversary and proclaims April 5, 2022, as “Greater Pine Island Civic Association Day.”

Above, members of the GPICA Board — Connie D’Alessio, Nadine Slimak and Helen Fox — with the Lee County Commission following the resolution.

Many thanks to Lee County Commissioner Kevin Ruane for introducing the resolution!

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