April 2022 Meeting Minutes

DRAFT* Minutes from the Meeting of the Greater Pine Island Civic Association — April 5, 2022, Greater Pine Island Elks Club

*Please note that these are draft minutes until approved by members at the next meeting.

Board members present: President Helen Fox, Vice President Nadine Slimak, Treasurer Michael Sweeney, Board Members Connie D’Alessio and Cindy Bear. (Board members Deborah Swisher-Hicks and Shari Perkins excused)

  • 45 people signed in (including 25 members)

President Helen Fox called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. and provided opening remarks recognizing the 65th Anniversary of the creation of the GPICA, along with past Board Members/Presidents who attended the meeting: Roger Wood, Bill Spikowski, Noel Andress, Anna Stober.

Helen presented a plaque to Roger Wood, recognizing him for his long-time service to the GPICA and the community.

Helen reviewed the evening’s agenda, and minutes from the March meeting, which were approved by voice vote.

Mike Sweeney presented the Treasurer’s report: $4,214.34 checking, $16,761.71 money market, $76,347.61 CD

Mike made a motion to accept the report; it was seconded by Connie D’Alessio and passed by voice vote.

Helen introduced the evening’s main speaker, Lee County Commissioner Kevin Ruane, who then read a Lee County proclamation recognizing the GPICA for its 65 years of service to the Greater Pine Island Community and for working to protect the Island’s coastal-rural environment.

Helen presented copies of the proclamation to Wood, Spikowski, Andress and Stober and the current GPICA Board and presented Commissioner Ruane with Pine Island related items to display in the District 1 Cabinet at the Lee County Commission offices.

Then Helen introduced the format for the evening:

  • The Board would provide background and information on issues that the GPICA has been focused on, then allow Commissioner Ruane to respond with updates on his/county staff action on each item, then would open the floor for questions.

The issues discussed were:

The final topic of the evening’s meeting was discussion of proposed changes being sought by the developers of Calusa Cay, where the new Publix is located. The developer, Lake Jefferson LLC, is seeking:

  • To add EMS, Fire or Sheriff’s Station to the overall Schedule of Uses
  • Reduce retail square footage from 96,500 square feet to 89,600 square feet
  • Add 60,000 square feet of self-storage use on Parcel 3
  • Add warehouse, public and mini-warehouse to the schedule of uses for Parcel 3
  • Increase height on Parcel 3 for self-storage use only from 35 feet to 38 feet
  • And update Master Concept Plan to reflect these changes.

Then Slimak made a motion that the GPICA membership approve spending more than $1,000 for the GPICA Board to hire an attorney to fight the proposed changes, should the need arise.
27 members voted to approve; 1 member voted against and the motion passed.

Slimak made a motion to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by D’Alessio and the meeting was adjourned.

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