Development 101: How to Get Involved

The Development Process: How You Can Get Involved

Attend a Public Information Session — You Don’t Need to be a GPICA Member

Under the Pine Island Plan, developers seeking zoning changes or who wish to develop multi-family or commercial developments are required to host a public information session on Pine Island to explain their plans to residents. During this meeting, residents may also ask questions about the development.

  • During meetings hosted by the GPICA, the GPICA Board conducts a straw poll to determine how many GPICA members support/oppose the plans. (Note: GPICA does not host all meetings, only those where developers have contacted us to request time on our meeting agenda.)
  • The GPICA writes a summary of the meeting, including main concerns and issues, and transmits that to the Lee County Community Development Department.
  • The vote taken at the GPICA meeting is non-binding.

Send a Letter to Lee County Development Staff

Members of the public may email the Department of Community Development staff prior to a hearing before the Lee County Hearing Examiner. Written comments may also be provided to staff to enter into the record at hearing if you are unable to attend.

  • Click here  for Community Development, including a link to the staff directory

Address Concerns to the Lee County Hearing Examiner

After the public information session, once the Lee County staff has determined a proposal sufficient, hearings on proposals are set before the Lee County Hearing Examiner. At this time, residents who oppose or support a development may address their concerns during the hearing.

  • Meetings are typically scheduled for 9 a.m. every Thursday, 1500 Monroe Street, Fort Myers
  • Click here to view the Hearing Examiner calendar to see what’s on the agenda

Learn more about speaking before the hearing examiner here and here

Address Concerns to Lee County Commissioners During the Final Zoning Hearing

In Lee County, the entire board of the Lee County Commission acts as the zoning board and has the final say on rezonings. They are the final stop in the approval process.

  • However, in order to address commissioners, you MUST have first spoken before the Hearing Examiner. If you haven’t attended a hearing on a specific zoning issue and spoken, you will not be allowed to voice your concerns about the zoning issue in question before the Commission.
  • It’s important to note that the public MAY NOT make ex parté comments to Lee County Commissioners on zoning matters while the zoning matter is undergoing staff review or is before the Hearing Examiner.


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