Development 101

Did you know that there are some 13,000 properties on Pine Island that have been grandfathered in under old development rules that existed before our current Pine Island Plan was put into place?

Have you ever wondered how new developments are approved or when you can have a say in the process? Did you know there were specific rules you have to follow to comment?

During our August 2021 meeting, GPICA Advisor and Bokeelia resident Noel Andress presented an overview of development on Pine Island. His presentation covered the basic rules that developers have to follow and covered how and when residents can speak out about proposed developments. Please review the materials below for Development 101.

  • The GPICA has a Development Committee designed to keep abreast of new developments proposed on the Island and track old development orders so that our residents can have a say in the process. We share this information via our enewsletter (sign up to receive our enewsletter here). We also rely on volunteers to help us follow the process and alert us when developments are proposed. If you’d like to get involved, please email us at







It’s important to note that:

  • A person may contact the Department of community Development at 239-533-8585 to find which staff member is responsible for reviewing a development and where they should direct comments about a particular development.
  • In some unincorporated areas of Lee County — including Pine Island/Matlacha — developers must conduct a Public Information Session before they go before the Hearing Examiner. On Pine Island, GPICA meetings are one venue for such hearings. Members may speak during these sessions and the GPICA transmits public comments and the results of any non-binding votes taken during the meeting.
  • If a a resident wants to speak on the record about a zoning change, they MUST FIRST speak before the Hearing Examiner during the zoning hearing to become a “participant” in the proceedings for the case.
  • To address the Lee Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on a pending zoning case, residents MUST HAVE FIRST SPOKEN before the Hearing Examiner. Comments and testimony may only concern the correctness of the findings of fact or the conclusions of law contained in the Hearing Examiner record, or the discovery of new, relevant information that was not available at the time of the hearing before the Hearing Examiner.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The law does not permit the public to contact any members of the BOCC directly about specific development cases.


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